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Happy New Year!

I completed my goal of creating 360 new pieces of art in 2015.

I plan to keep improving and refining my art in 2016.

Hope you all have a wonderful year!…
Hi all,

Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the albino llama! I'm honored :)…
Please check out my new website… Thank you so much!
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Hi all,

I just uploaded my 300th deviation, got a lot more in the pipeline. I believe this will be my most successful year yet!
Hey I just opened up a new shop, check it out!

Hey, I just uploaded my 200th piece. I feel a sense of accomplishment, but I can't wait to create more!
I just found 6 cool paintings I did a little over a year ago sitting in files on my laptop. I'll upload them over the next few days.
I have big plans for this year. My goal is to crank out 365 new pieces. I want to progress as an artist by employing new colors and techniques.
I am exhibiting all my lastest paintings at First Friday Las Vegas Art Fest today. I am extremely excited to share what I have created over the summer.
I just uploaded my 100th piece! I will be working on lots of new stuff in the coming days.
I was busy traveling earlier in the year and didn't do any painting for a few months. I am back home in Vegas now and have been working on some new stuff. I'll be uploading a bunch in the coming days hope you guys enjoy!
I just started using a painting knife and having some fun experimenting with it.
I just thought I would start uploading some of the things I've done over the past 4 years of painting.